Dog Shelter for Strays

Doggysthan is a dream project in the making. It is a shelter for dogs. We aim to take in the right amount of Dogs that we can manage and look after.

Retreat for strays.

All Strays who wish to b citizens will undergo a simple immigration process. They will be vaccinated, dewormed, de-liced and neutered.

Who are We?

Doggysthan is a 'not for profit' venture. We touch the lives of a few mutts giving them a good life, In turn they enrich our life with their love.

What we Do?

They are capable of giving a great deal of love, which only a person who is capable of receiving can absorb and appreciate.

Sponsor a mutt

To maintain a dog is time consuming, it costs money and effort.Care to Contribute? Please contact us via email.

Volunteer with Us

We are rowdies and we can use some support, if you are willing to spare time.Are you up to it. Drop us a line.

Doggysthan News

Behind the scenes

How they contribute to Doggysthan

After 34 years of Corporate life , SGT came to his final calling. It had to be stray dogs. Breeds disappointed him. While they did have lots of charm like any other dog, the fascination among Indians to own a Breed, pained SGT no end. He argues that if our Parents also wanted to have foreign breeds as children, then we would very well may not exist today.

SG. Thampi

Rowdy is the Matriarch, Minister for Defense and external affairs and She takes her job very seriously. Very fond of visitors, she insists that they give her treats and belly rubs. She has the entire army at her disposal and will not hesitate to marshal her forces as a strong deterrent in case anyone ignores her. Sweet temperd and a weakness for treats.


Goonda is the de-facto President/ Prime Minister / and Leader for life, of Doggysthan. A very carefree mutt, he loves to play, sleep and eat – not necessarily in that order. Any sign of rebellion is swiftly put down by this alpha male. He is benevolent but brooks no dissention. He hates baths.